October 11, 2010

Since You're Not Using It... Please Donate Your Brain!

I usually do not enter into political, religious, or pop culture rants on my blog, trying my best to keep it martially oriented.  And if you give me a moment I will link this to martial arts one way or another...

I read one of the best books available on the market over the past couple weeks, "My Stroke Of Insight" by Jill Bolte Taylor PHD.  One of the "best" books not because of her eloquent writing style, nor for character development.  But rather for the eye opening perspective I was offered to the nations number 3 killer, stroke.

Jill Bolte Taylor was one of the leading scientists on the study and function of the human brain when she suffered a severe stroke at 37 years old (no, that is not a typo)!  She lost pretty much all of her cognitive functioning and took the following 8 years to get back to what she considers "normal."  Her story and inspiration is second to none, and I am not going to wow or woo you with the incredible aspects of her life... you will have to buy the book and read it!

This text is SO important to not only those who have been struck with a stroke, but also their friends and loved ones, therapists, doctors, nurses.... really everyone should read this!  It is an easy afternoon read (even has pictures!), and despite the levity of the subject matter it is actually quite positive and light.

Which leads me to your brain.  Most of us are sitting in front of the talking magic box, mindlessly clicking a plastic gizmo anthropomorphically called a mouse.  If you could, please take a couple minutes out of this precious routine and consider the following links to donate your brain (after you are done using it of course) to the Harvard Brain Research Center (I know, I know, even though it is in Mass. the doctors their are good and certainly not Redsox fans;).  When you die your brain tissue is invaluable and quite frankly researchers do not get access to enough of it!  And considering how little we use it in our living days, I have to believe we will not use much afterwards.

Harvard Brain Research Center

How to make a donation!

Registration paperwork and address!

Seriously though I think we all know at least one person affected by a stroke and it is the third largest killer behind heart attacks and cancer.  So could you imagine if scientists had access to more brain tissue to study both the sick and the "normal?"  Think of the breakthroughs we could perpetuate if only we had more access to something that is not going to be any use to us after we pass on to the next plane.  I implore you to discuss this with your family and friends and to donate.  Please do not allow silly religious dogma and antiquated logic to interfere with our growth and potential as human beings.  At the very least read the book and recognize the signs of stroke and gain insight into one of the least known and understood organs in our body!

I am donating today, though I am not sure how much help my brain will be.  Been beat up a few times too many, and it is a little smoky in there;)

Train Hard.  Train SMART!!

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