November 9, 2010

CD Review: Roy Deans "Arc & Shadow"

Okay... is there any free time in Roy Deans life?  This man obviously has many talents, and with the release of his first set of CD's he is solidify himself as one of the most versatile BJJ practitioners out there!  A collection of four CD's of electronic music written and composed by Dean, "Arc & Shadow" may not be for everyone, but its ambient, tribal vibe meshes well with grappling schools that do not subscribe to the death metal headache often associated with our art.

I personally am into ambient / electronic music in general which can often be rather dark and nebulous, but Dean does an excellent job combining deep melodies with upbeat tempo and rhythm that would fit in a free rolling environment such as a Judo, Aikido, or BJJ academy.

Check out some samples of the songs here.


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