November 17, 2010

John Wayne Parr Training

John Wayne Parr is one of the most talented and prominent kickboxers of our generation.  Fighting out of Australia he is in the twilight of his career, yet still puts on a great show.  I stumbled across some of his training footage with Saenchai while he was visiting Thailand.  Saenchai is a living legend in the art of Muay Thai, and in this clip he and JWP do some friendly sparring.  Notice how relaxed and gentle they are with each other.  Many people have misconceptions on how one should train, but in my opinion the Thai's have it nailed.  You hit the bag and pads HARD, and you focus on technique and timing with your partners.  Fighters cannot afford to be injured, literally!  This is an excellent example of proper sparring:

Compared to his last day of pad work before fighting Yodsanklai:

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

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