November 9, 2010

PAC NW Tim Cartmell Tour a Success!

I wanted to take a moment to thank my teacher Tim Cartmell for spending the past 10 days up here in the Pacific NW teaching his students Michael and me, as well as our students both in Seattle, as well as Portland.  The turnouts at both locations were a bit low, so we would like to see that improved in the future but overall the material covered was excellent and all attendee's got tons of personal attention from Tim.

Overall Tim was very impressed with everyones progress and ability to pick up material so quickly.  We covered LOTS of techniques and strategies, but as always Tim wove one thing into another making a seamless transition throughout the week with his teachings doing both standup and ground work.

 Much thanks to those of you who showed up and trained hard both weekends.  Without your support we couldn't bring exceptional teachers like Tim to the area.  Big thanks to my brother Michael for the hospitality and organizational support down in Portland.   The spirit of Shen Wu lives on!

Train Hard, Train Smart.

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