November 9, 2010

Training with a legend: Fabio Santos Seminar

Every now and then one has the great fortune to train with a living legend.  This past weekend I had just such an experience training in Woodlake, WA. with Prof. Fabio Santos.  An 8 time Pan American champ, Fabio started his Jiu Jitsu journey with the legendary Rolls Gracie.  After Rolls' untimely death Fabio studied under Rickson Gracie who would eventually award Fabio the rank of black belt.  Over 30 years later Fabio is one of the few red-black belts living and teaching in the United States at his academy in San Diego, CA. 

Over the three hour seminar Fabio taught a number of sequences including maintaining mount, escaping mount, escaping side control, and a handful of submissions as well.  It has been my experience that the Gracie family often has a cookie cutter approach to what they teach in seminars and this was not much different.  Good solid basics, but there did not seem to be a unifying theme if you will.

We finished with some rolling and I must say the kids down in Woodlake, WA. are solid grapplers!  I was very impressed with the level even the white belts were rolling at.

Fabio is a SUPER nice guy who does not have a single hair of ego or arrogance about him.  It was refreshing to see a great attitude and smile on his face the whole seminar.  If you get the chance to train with Fabio I cannot suggest it enough.  After all how many opportunities do you get to roll with a red-black belt?

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

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