December 11, 2010

Alistair Overeem - K-1 World Champ

Congrats to Alistair Overeem on his first K-1 World Grand Prix (most prestigious kickboxing tournament in the world) championship!  Fighting an 8 man tournament all in one night is impressive enough, doing it with two TKO's in the first round is down right filthy!!

Quarterfinals Overeem beats Tyrone Sprong (decision)
Semifinals Overeem beats Gokhan Saki (TKO 1st round)
Finals Overeem beats Peter Aerts (TKO 1st round)

Hopefully this means we will see Overeem defending his Strikeforce MMA title more in the near future.  He has stated that winning K-1 has been a dream of his since childhood.  Scott Coker (president of Strikeforce) was kind enough to allow Overeem to pursue such goals.  Now it is time to help Coker out with realizing his dream of giving the UFC a run for its money.  This coming year will be an interesting one for sure.


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