December 9, 2010

Its Only Gay if They Go To the Second Knuckle!

Wrestling does not need stories such as this...

Back in my day we had an assortment of names for such techniques; Asian Dart / Checking the Oil / The Shocker.... none of them were encouraged though!

Personally I think taking something to court in a sexual battery case is asinine (pun totally intended!), and as the article states wrestling is having enough problems (I will save my rant on Title IX garbage for another day) without bullshit like this making headlines.  None the less we must respect the laws of leverage, and to a certain degree you have lots of leverage when shoving a finger up someones asshole!  I personally will pass on the Asian Dart practice, but to each their own.

Thanks, I guess, to my bro Merph for bringing this to my attention.

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