December 1, 2010

Martial Arts & Crafts - Hook Rugs

Tis' the season of gifts and gift giving, and their is something special about receiving a handmade item whether it be something artsy like a painting, or something practical like a woven scarf.  Recently my very own mum' had a hook-rug custom made with my logo on it, and not only was this a total surprise and wonderful gift, but the craftsmanship and beauty of the work I cannot convey in this pathetic Internet medium!  Again the picture here does not do the work justice as the detail is flawless.  The brush strokes ACTUALLY look like brush strokes!
This custom hook rug measures 22.5 x 22.5 inches

The young lady who makes these is Laurie Zimmerman who can be reached at or 419-660-8679 (please keep in mind she lives in eastern standard time zone).  

Laurie does amazing work and these rugs are no exception.  Made of 100% wool, I cannot really explain the hook rug method (because I don't know), but as you can see these are beautifully made and quite rugged.  

Cost varies on size, and intricacy of design.  Great gift ideas for now, or the future.  

Happy Holidays,
Close up of the design.

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