January 30, 2011

Strikeforce Undercard

WOW!!!  That is all I can say from last nights amazing Strikeforce card!  I normally do not post anything on TGNM about MMA, but in reality last nights fights were one BJJ tutorial after another.  Roger Gracie wins his third MMA fight with a rear naked choke and looks amazing doing it!  Jacare did not want to be shown up so he decided his RNC would be a nice fit for Lawler's neck.  Then you have the stunner of the night where Cyborg foolishly decided to take Diaz to the ground after setting the pace with wicked leg kicks.  Cyborg just recently got promoted to black belt under Cleber Luciano, but Diaz is a grappling beast and Cyborg made a HUGE mistake using the inside leg trip (beautifully executed mind you) right into Diaz's guard.  It took Nick all of 5 seconds to start working the arm bar, and like a champ he nailed it and nailed it TIGHT!

Anyways... Sherdog streamed the under card live and now has some stellar fight up on Video on Demand.
Click here to be linked to the Sherdog page with undercard fights.

Perhaps Cyborg should spend less time on painting his nails, and more on BJJ!

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