March 16, 2011

Attitude is Everything

Here is a snippet of a post Georgette shared about taking a private lesson with one of the black belts at her academy in Austin:

"Then I asked how I can be a better training partner to one of my friends, who is a blue belt about 30-35 lbs lighter than me. I finally think I get it-- a little bit-- because he showed me how it felt. When they do the right thing, you give it to them. When they don't, you wait a second, then YOU do the right thing, which shows them where they went wrong."

There are a couple of things that really stand out in this simple paragraph; one is her excellent question as to "how SHE can be a better PARTNER" which is something I have never heard asked before as both a teacher nor a student!  The awareness and desire to help (read: nurture) her team mates grow and learn will be reciprocated ten fold in the future.

Secondly the approach to rolling... allow your partners to work on something and reward them when it is right.

Men especially get all too wrapped up in competition and "winning" (the more I compete, win or lose, the less I understand that word).  It is nice to get a women's perspective on the art as I see them as much better teachers in general.  I have been increasingly frustrated with the lack of support and help when it comes to the development and learning with some of my training partners.  It seems the less folks compete for real, the more competitive they become in the dojo and while at times this is good and positive, most of the time it makes for a rather stagnant environment in terms of learning and growing.

  Learn from Georgette's post, she may be only a blue belt, but with the wisdom of a brown belt!


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