May 4, 2011

Bully Beatdown

Some of my students were asking me my thoughts on the infamous bully video that I am about 2 months behind on.  I mentioned I had not seen it so I could not really comment.  Well thank to Elton I have now seen the vid, just in case you did not:

So my thoughts are:

  • Good on him!  No kid should be bullied, and all should be taught to stand up for themselves and fight back when the moment is proper.  
  • The moment was more than proper!
  • Grappling was the deciding factor, yet AGAIN in a "street" altercation.  
  • Skinny needs power development.  If you are going to sucker punch someone, make sure it is only takes one.  And if it takes more, reign down upon him, don't get cocky and hunt and peck.
  • I like the restraint with the big kid.  Knocks the other stupid and then backs off.  Clearly his intent was to simply stop the attack.
Quite simply if your kid is being bullied then teach them to defend themselves.  They need this on many different levels.  

I also want to say something no one else is saying... if your kid is a bully, where the fuck are they learning it from?  I am so sick and tired of seeing these double wide pieces of trash rutting and procreating without a single thought on how to raise a child properly.  Kids learn from adults, they are not born bullies.  What schools need to institute is some bully beat down on the parents of some of these children.  Go to the source and start there!


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