May 29, 2011

Dream BJJ Camp

Thats 7 world title kids!
Apparently no one told these cats the economy sucks, but man o' man what an awesome BJJ camp this woud be, August 7-12, 2012 Immersion Series Seminar with Robson Moura in Northport , Maine.

Limited to 30 people, UP TO 3 training sessions a day with Robson Moura as well as various other activities both on and off the mat.  This would be a great trip, but I seriously wonder about material and retention (sorry, when over $2000 of my money is involved, I really want to ensure I get something out of it).  Am I allowed to tape the sessions?  I mean... 6+ hours a day and though I might be able to do it physically, mental retention will wane in about the 3-4th hour.

Either way it is an exciting opportunity for anyone serious about training, or like me REALLY wants to visit Maine!   If any of my readers want to adopt a Jake for a week and send their new favorite son to Main next year, make sure to email me and hit me up!


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