May 8, 2011

Drive and Determination: Alencar vs. Lovato 2008

Much thanks to Roy Dean for reminding us of this epic battle at the 2008 Pan Am's between Rafael Lovato Jr. and Roberto "Tussa" Alencar!  This is just amazing jits right here.  The drive and determination is amazing, reminding us to never, ever quit!

I have been fortunate enough to train with both of these gentleman over the years, and they both are excellent teachers and super friendly cats.  Even rolling Tussa is quite gentle though in control ALL the time.  I have never had the opportunity to roll with Lovato Jr.

Not that I am anywhere near this level, but I can relate to the series of events.  You will see Tussa make one fatal mistake when in RLJ's guard at the end.  RLJ bumps Tussa to the right while controlling Tussa's right hand.  This forces Tussa to reach across his body with his left; a fatal mistake.  RLJ then hugs tight to Tussa and sweeps him with my money sweep (by money I mean I have no others!) that I used when winning NAGA Worlds last December.   One tiny little error.  One tiny little lapse in judgement.  This sport is a game of strategy and millimeters.  I find jiu jitsu infecting my thoughts and dreams because of this very aspect!

I find this clip very inspiring and educational.  A lot can be learned in these short 14 minutes.  Excellent edit and accompanying score as well.  If the last 4 minutes do not get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping then I don't know what will!  It makes me want to get back on the mat and fight!  Unfortunately I think that won't be happening at any major events soon.


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