May 30, 2011

FDA Needs to STFU, IMHO!

Jedediah "The Beard of Death" Holmenshmidt.
Reputed ring leader of the Raw Milk Co op.
I am growing rather tired and short tempered with the tampering that our government incessantly engages in with OUR hard earned money (well... YOUR hard earned money!)!  Apparently authorities from THREE different agencies actually drew weapons and raided an Amish farmer for... one would assume something extremely dangerous since agents from THREE different jurisdictions felt the need to be armed while entering an Amish household...but no... wait for it.........

Selling raw milk! Nope, not even joking a little. Click here for the rest of the story.

It is time we take back our freedom and speak out against "our" government and tell them we are not interested in their pawns (FDA / DEA / Homeland Security / etc.) meddling in our affairs.

Surveillance footage of hardcore gentlemen
making "milk" runs.
Much thanks to Marks Daily Apple for turning me onto the Food Renegade a great site with a wealth of knowledge with everything food related from seed to stomach.  Check it out!



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