May 6, 2011

Huffing Meat Glue

Most of us have heard of huffing, the practice of abusing inhalants of various kinds including glue and adhesives.  Well today kids we have a sock of a different flavor; Australia Today has released an expose on the growing use of "meat glue," or Transglutaminase.

What truly sickens me about this expose is not that humans are doing this, but the wasted potential that lies within so many people that seem to be driven by one thing, and one thing only... greed!  Imagine if we could take this kind of knowledge and understanding of the microbial world and do something crazy like say... feed starving kids.  Or institute better nutrition programs for our public schools.  Or maybe work towards curing diabetes.

Just so much potential and what do human beings waste it on... huffing meat glue in order to get more bang for their buck!  Sad.

Educate yourself.  We need to get closer to our farmers, our butchers, our suppliers.
Much thanks to my homie Merf for turning me onto this expose.

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