May 21, 2011

Know Your Role, Take Control - The Rapture Post

"Train Hard / Fight Easy" Galeic
As I patiently wait my own personal angel to carry me off to nirvana, I figured I would type up one more post just in case my number is not up yet.   A certain comment was dropped to me the other day about intensity in a class.  This individual mentioned he wants a serious workout, and classes with instruction often do not give him the workout he needs.  I have heard similar comments throughout my years from students on an off, and would like to share my thoughts and opinions with you.

First we need to make clear the role that each individual is playing.  I, Jake, am the teacher.  My job is to develop a curriculum, organize the drills and lessons needed to convey the principle(s) of said curriculum, and then to execute said lessons to my captive audience (that's you).  My role is pretty simple in the grand scheme of things, but teaching different people from different walks of life always presents challenges of varied levels.  As you see the role of teacher is rather busy since they must walk around ensuring the students are getting things right, making corrections, and clarifying details.

So in general my job is to TEACH you to do something.

The student, lets pretend it is you, comes to the class they paid for and trains for X amount of time each lesson.  The reasons for training can be as varied as the hand of poker you were dealt last, but overall the students job is to make class prepared on time, listen attentively to the instructors instructions, and execute said instructions to the best of ones ability.

The students job is solely to DO!

You will notice I did not use the word "TRY."  Try gives a student an out when they fail (and we all fail).  This builds self doubt and creates a negative mentality.  The student is to DO what it is I tell them to DO.   I am not supposed to DO the work I tell the student to DO.  My role is clearly stated above and it is impossible for me to do the work for you with you getting the results you want.

So if your goal is to get in shape then work harder on the round on the bags.  Push yourself with more intensity that next mitt round.   You and only you control your conditioning and shape.  I cannot give you, nor take away, your endurance and stamina.  It is solely in your control.  Take control of your training and push yourself harder.  The teacher is here to teach.  I can simply show you the path, I cannot walk it for you.

Personally I think most people have never really, truly pushed themselves beyond comfortable limits and therefore have no point of reference.  I have thrown up, past out, cramped so badly from training that I did not think I could walk to my car!  All from pushing my self past my comfort zone.  Hell, in a 1/2 hour mitt session with my boxing coach I can completely deplete the tank just simply by working 110%!

Another interesting observation is the individuals that have usually made these comments, are often some of the students with the most potential in terms of ability and aptitude for learning.   Self discipline often lacks in those individuals.

If you find yourself saying "I just don't get enough of a workout" at your next martial art class, first ask yourself "Did I go 110% tonight?  Did I really push myself?"

Food for thought!  I need to jet and pack!


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