May 31, 2011

Tyson Philosophy

Thanks to Ross Boxing for sharing this great clip on "Iron" Mike Tyson, former heavyweight boxing champ of the world.  As time goes on I am changing my opinion on Tyson.  Whom we perceived as uneducated, thuggish, and rather cold is not necessarily an unfair view.  But as I compete more and more I am starting to see some of his genius which undoubtedly was imparted upon him by his coach/father figure Cus D'Amato.

Those who do not fight / compete in a combat sport really have a hard time understanding the mental-emotional aspect of the fight, and I think Tyson encapsulates some of that here in this clip:

An interesting comparison as food for thought... in boxing you know your opponent, or at least you know who it will be.  In grappling tournaments you do not necessarily know who you will be fighting!  Sure you may recognize a name or two from previous fights, or at least remember the face / school logo.  But in general we do not have weeks and months to analyze our opponent(s).  Couple that with possibly fighting anywhere from 1-7 different fighters in one day.... quite the challenge!

Which do you think would be tougher on the mental-emotional spectrum?  Knowing your single opponent and fighting them, or not knowing any of your opponents and having to fight multiple times with multiple opponents?

Something to think about.

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