June 2, 2011

2011 IBJJF Mundial's - 'Da Worlds

It is time once again for some of the best grapplers on earth to converge on Southern California for the 2011 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mundials; aka "'Da Worlds."  I want to wish all competitors the best of luck, but a special shout out to the boys fighting out of Ace JJ in Fountain Valley, CA.  Kick some ass guys!

One of my goals was to fight in this years Gi World's (never done the gi worlds), in hopes of winning it and being able to say I won the world gi and no gi at blue belt.  Unfortunately the money tree I planted still has not grown so the financial devil reared its ugly head and kept me out of contention (huge sigh of relief I am sure from the heavyweight blue belt master division!).  It is a bummer as I most likely just missed my last chance at blue to fight in the mundials.  But I will be able to keep up with the action several different ways:

Gracie Mag is covering the worlds via the blogosphere.

Budo Videos will be streaming the tournament live online. Saturday is free, Sunday costs $10.

Georgette has a great post on the Mundials.

Where she also linked JSho's predictions for the Worlds with the following facts:

*Of the 150 black belt golds won since 1996, Gracie Barra & offshoots have won 51 gold, Alliance & offshoots have won 41 gold, Gracie Humaita have won 22 golds, Nova Uniao have won 13 golds and Carlson Gracie Team & offshoots have won 11 golds

*Roger has won 10 golds (7 weight and 3 absolute)

*Xande has won 6 golds (4 weight & 2 absolute).

*Saulo Ribeiro and Robson Moura have both won 5 golds at their weight.

*Royler Gracie, Fabio Gurgel, Roberto Magalhães (Roleta) & Rubens Charles (Cobrinha) won 4 golds at their weight.

*Robson Moura won his first black belt gold in 1997 and his most recent in 2007, the longest span in terms of first and last golds. If he wins this year, that will break the record.

*Only 4 men have won 10 or more medals at Black Belt: Xande Ribeiro (10), Saulo Ribeiro (10), Comprido (10) and Roger (13)

*Roleta and Cobrinha have both won the Pan Ams and the Mundials 3 years in a row.

*Royler, Robson and Cobrinha have won their divisions 4 years in a row.

*Saulo won a different weight division 4 years in a row (1997 - 2000 Medio, Pesado, Meio Pesado, Super Pesado).

*Roger Gracie has been in his weight category final 7 years in a row, winning all 7.

*Marcelo Garcia and Cobrinha are the most decorated champions here, with 4 Mundial Gold apiece, but in terms of black belt titles at all the various Mundials (CBJJE and CBJJ/IBJJF) and the older CBJJO Copa Do Mundo, Mario Reis leaves them for dust with 9 gold.

Train Hard.  Train Smart.  Party Hard.  Party Smart.  
Good luck everyone!  Wish I was there with you!

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