June 12, 2011

Down With Monsanto

Thanks to Marks Daily Apple and the Huffington Post for this story on the evil entity known as Monsanto and their "regulators."  Quite unsurprisingly it appears that the Federal (as in our government) regulators were in bed with Monsanto pulling the sheets over the known facts that Roundup (Monsanto's top selling product) causes birth defects.  You can read the whole story here!

It is past time to stop feeding the corporations that are in fact causing our very own demise.  Start by taking advantage of your local farmers and markets.  Demand chemical free produce.  Start growing your own veggies, fruits, and nuts.  Even urban dwellers have many options now days to be at least semi self sufficient.

We can also stop patronizing these companies by simply ceasing to purchase their products.  Here is a list of all of Monsanto's brands.   Monsanto has no interest in our health nor well being.  They are working with GMO's at an alarming rate, and they to this day do not properly label their products!  They have also been one of the "War on Drugs" biggest contributors and lobbyists, and are quite anti-hemp.  

As always use your best judgement and do the research yourself, but I think you will find nothing positive coming from large mega-corporations such as Monsanto.  Check out the Millions Against Monsanto Campaign.

Educate yourself,


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