June 30, 2011

Words of Wisdom From Coach Carl Adams

Carl Adams is one of wrestling's most sought after coaches, a 2x NCAA Champ and head coach at Boston Uuniversity.  On Science of Skills site Dan has just put up three great lessons he learned from a recent interview with Coach Adams, and the insight both on the mat and off is inspirational!

"Wrestling with a sense of freedom involves throwing yourself 100% into your present match and leaving nothing on the mat. Finding a way to channel all of your energy, all of your technique, and all of your will into those few minutes against your opponent. In doing this fully, you’re able to know without a doubt that you can look yourself in the mirror no matter that happens and know that you gave it your all.
In this sense, once you step on the mat to compete you become free. You no longer have to think about what other people – or even you – think of yourself. You no longer have to think about outcome. It is at this point of total concentration that you’re able to ignore everything not relevant to your task because you know that your 100% efforts in the here and now are all that matters in a match."

Great lessons!

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