July 26, 2011

Change is a Coming... Rule Changes for the IBJJF 2012

Thanks to Gracie Mag dot com for leaking some advanced info on a few of the rule changes we may see implemented in IBJJF competition in 2012.   One possible change will be the requirement for competitors to bring two separate kimono's, one blue - one white, to competition.  Judo has done this for years and it has been proven to improve accuracy and speed in judgement by referee's!  How many times have you been watching an instructional DVD with both people in the same color gi, trying to figure out something like a twister set up, or tornado sweep!?!?  Completely confusing right?  Imagine a referee trying to make split second decisions on points and submission attempts when both competitors are wearing the same color!

Personally I think this is a great idea.  Refereeing is a major issue across the board in sport BJJ and I think any step to improve the quality and raise the level of competition is a good thing.  Sure, there will be a handful of people who bitch and moan about having to bring two gi's, but in reality we all own more then one gi (and if you don't, and you are thinking about competing... I would suggest at least 3-4 in your closet and luggage!) and white and blue are the two most common colored kimono's on the market.

I am very curious to find out what other rule changes and measures go into effect, as this is really the first time in decades the IBJJF has considered some massive changes.

To read the full Gracie dot com article click here!


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