July 14, 2011

Illinois Law Equates BJJ with MMA

   Bill 1490 passed in the Illinois legislature equates Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Mixed Martial Arts, and will require the same rules, regulations, and control measures for BJJ competitions as professional MMA events.   This can include (but is not limited to) required blood tests, outrageous insurance riders and requisites, as well as grappling events being regulated by the local boxing commission!  

   This has forced the IBJJF to postpone the second Chicago Open which is one of the only major grappling events held in the Windy City.   I am not sure what the politicians are thinking in Illinois, but passing laws such as 1490 is shooting themselves in the foot.

First of all MMA is not BJJ, is not boxing, and therefore should have totally separate sanctioning bodies.

Secondly IBJJF routinely draw 500-1000 competitors to any one event, coupled with approximately the double the number of spectators, and that is potentially 2000 people in a given area buying food, paying for parking, flying into the local airports, staying at the local hotels.  In essence Illinois is taking money out of its own pockets, and the last time I checked NO ONE in the mid-west was in a position to throw away money!

Click here for a link to a petition to stop Bill 1490!

Those of you reading this blog from Washington State should pay close attention as our very own moronic legislature is trying to pass House Bill 1062.

Here are the "highlights" of HB 1062:

$1000 per year “license” fee for all martial arts “training facilities”
$10k bond to hold a tournament
No kids allowed to fight under 10 years old
All amateurs must wear shin/hand pads
Have medical insurance for the fighters
Fighters would be subject to alcohol breathalyzer tests for 24 hrs before and *after* the event

For anybody who is interested in training, now or in the future you should take notice and consider contacting your representative.
This needs to be stopped.

I moved up here to Washington with the impression this was a free free and liberal state.  In the past 5+ years I have come to realize almost the polar opposite!  I have never been under the influence of so many crazy laws and exuberant fines for minor offense's such as moving violations.   HB 1062 explains why no major grappling event will come into the state of Washington.  No NAGA!  No Grapplers Quest!  No IBJJF!    There is a ton of talent up here that sadly will never be able to experience a major grappling tournament experience because of bullshit laws designed to line the pockets of those in influence.

Sorry to bum you out on a Thursday afternoon, but some serious food for thought in this post.

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