July 7, 2011

Machado BJJ Video Treasure Chest

I have run across a treasure trove of Machado Brothers BJJ footage!  For pages and pages of related videos click here!
Here is JJ Machado fighting Yuki Nakai (check out the wrist-lock threat JJ uses to mount around 5:50 mark), a great study on why many consider Jean Jacques Machado to be one of the most technical grapplers ever!

The brothers dominating the 1993 Sambo Pan Am's.  Rigan has shared with us the story before that on the way to the championships John Will was explaining the rules.  The Machado brothers went into any event they could to test their mettle against grapplers of all arena's... and they DOMINATED!  Impressive!

JJ Machado vs. Leo Viera ('nuff said).  I do believe this is the year JJ won the most technical award at Abu Dhabi:

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