July 25, 2011

More Grappling Coverage

Brian Cimins, Founder of Grapplers Quest, recently launched his own personal blog and put up a plea to the various publishers of the world... more coverage of grappling events!  Cimins of course has a biased stake in the game as he is asking for an exclusive coverage deal for Grapplers Quest events for the next two years, but his overall point is solid.

Grappling magazine morphed into a purely MMA publication, which just regurgitates the same boring stories and coverage as the dozens of other MMA rags do!  Gracie Magazine of course covers BJJ and grappling tournaments, but have a SEVERE Gracie bias and in all honesty the quality of that magazine has really gone down over the past year or so.  Gladiator used to cover grappling events with some decent reporting, but ownership changing hands coupled with delays in publication have put this magazine in limbo.  I do not even see it on shelves anymore.

Jiu Jitsu Magazine and BJJ Lifestyle are two new up and coming rags that show some promise in the early issues.  We shall see if they have the money and fortitude to stick around in a highly competitive market that is dieing a slow death via the digital media slice to the jugular!

So I join Cimins plea in more coverage of ALL grappling events worldwide!  As consumers lets join together and let publishers know that we want coverage of grappling events, ALL organizations, ALL events regardless of political affiliation and BS!


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