July 18, 2011

NWJJA Promotions - July 16, 2011

Yet another weekend that went by so quickly I am still trying to catch up!  Great seminars were certainly the highlight of the weekend, but I am saving the review for a separate post.  Coupled with the grand opening of our expanded academy (including double the mat space) Brian also held our semi not so quarterly belt promotion!

    I wanted to offer a huge heaping helping of congratulations to those whom were promoted over the weekend as this belt ceremony (more of a gathering at our academy) was special since Brian was promoting his first black belt John Macfarland (hope I am spelling that correctly bro).  John has been with Brian for over 10 years and is one of his most loyal students.  Congratulations John.

   Also my good friend Kelland Lindsey was promoted to purple belt.  I have watched Kelland quickly climb the BJJ ladder as he has become more and more dedicated and disciplined in his training.  He more than deserves this promotion!

   Blue belt promotions were awarded to David Leong, Ross (I have no clue what your last name is brother, sorry), and Garfield Scott.  Again all these guys have been rolling at the blue belt level for a few months.  Well done gentlemen!

   Within two weeks of my 5 year anniversary of stepping onto the BJJ mat full time, Brian felt it appropriate to award me my purple belt as well.  I have mixed feelings as I am not sure I am fully a purple belt yet, but I will continue to work hard and try to raise my own personal bar both on the mat and off to the level expected.   To be quite honest I was quite happy fighting at blue belt level for the rest of my adult life, but now I guess I get to play with the next level.   Keep your eyes wide shut for my first purple tourney review in a couple weeks.

Congrats to all!
Jake Burroughs

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