July 20, 2011

Rickson Gracie and The Beastie Boys!

If you are reading this you are part of groundbreaking history, as I do believe this is the first (and probably only) time that one will see grappling legend Rickson Gracie in the same post as hi-hop legends The Beastie Boys!  

In reality they have nothing to do with each other, other than I am a huge fan of both and this is a rare interview with Rickson addressing some of his thoughts and opinions about modern day BJJ competitions, training for self defense, as well as a handful of other grappling related topics.  Enjoy!

The Beastie Boys are one of the longest running hip-hop acts alive today, and they continue to thrive because they have young souls and are always innovative.  Check out these videos for fun:

Sesame Street breaks it down from Wonderful Creative on Vimeo.

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