July 18, 2011

The Will & Meyer Show - Seminar Review

Packed full of events (BBQ Open House, belt promotion, etc.) the highlight for sure was the annual seminar put on by John Will and David Meyer, Brian's two coaches.  For those unfamiliar John Will is considered by many to be the coaches - coach, meaning that his pedagogy is second to none!  A seminar with John is more like an experience OF John's teaching / training insight.  As a practitioner / coach myself I get SO much out of lessons with John and David.  My only wish is that we got more time with them throughout the year.  Someday I will make it to Oz!

  We started the day with a Tabata warm up that only took 4 minutes to complete, and if you have never done a Tabata workout... you really do not need much more than 5 minutes!  Something my coach Tim Cartmell has been doing for years.  John not only showed us, but also explained the underlying philosophy of Tabata protocol.

David & John always come with a theme based lesson and this year was no different.  John was fortunate enough to train with Helio Gracie back 20 some odd years ago while visiting Rio with his coach Rigan Machado.  John got a handful of lessons with the master and he taught those lessons exactly as they were taught to him without his interpretation.  Think of it as a homage to the GM who passed last year!  Personally I thought it was an amazing glimpse into the mind of someone most of us have never trained with.

Nothing fancy was taught as Helio always relied upon the basics and keep in mind we are talking about a man who soaking wet weighed no more than 120#'s!  He HAD to use technique and leverage (some rumors on the net even say Helio created leverage!;)  to overcome the guys he was fighting.   Essentially John led us through step by step on Helio's guard.

Gaining your grip via breaking their posture.  Staying connected to your opponent while they are in your guard (an awesome lesson)!  Then making space while maintaining your heaviness, enabling your hooks to enter and working a hook sweep!

Simple, yet very profound in all the minute details.  I have made the hook sweep (and variations thereof) a major part of my personal game, so this seminar was cherry for me as I picked up a couple of tricks and details I had not thought of previously.  Couple with a training partner of James Foster (Fosters BJJ in Kent, WA.) a first degree BB helped as well!  Thanks James!  We appreciate the support too.
This is the academy group photo.

Over 40 folks made this the largest seminar we have had at NWJJA!  Thank you all that supported.  I hope next year we can get even more of our students to come out.

As always a huge thanks to coaches David Meyer and John Will for taking the time to teach us Pac NW'ers!  The visit is always too short but packed full of lessons both on and off the mat!  Until next year gentlemen!


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