August 18, 2011

Always Learning...

I have taken full advantage of summer laziness around the Pac NW, as day classes at the academy have been sparse lately, which is awesome because it means more personal time with Brian!  Yesterday was no exception with Chickenwing, Scotty, Karliss, and me & my big head showing up to train and we basically got a 45 minute mini seminar from Brian on S-Mount into Hurdlers Mount, into the arm bar.

Don't get me wrong, the lesson was awesome B!  But that was not the highlight (for me) of the day... rolling with three of the best training partners in the academy was!  I took away so much from the rolls I had with you three yesterday.

First of all Scotty and Karliss both are getting much, MUCH, better overall.  Karliss is getting a real sense of his game which includes standing passes, which is awesome for me as I love to play open guard and few pass me standing so it makes me work my guard in new ways.

Scotty joined us late last year and has been a stellar addition to the academy.  Already a blue belt he has fit in perfectly and adds a very aggressive, yet controlled and gentle, game and is starting to get into competing (which we need more of!).  Scotty too is getting a sense of his own style and game and really brings it with me, always a challenging roll and we often exchange sub's back and forth.  In no time he will be purple!

Chickenwing is hands down the most well rounded grappler at the academy.  A three stripe purple, his game is solid throughout!  There is no one position you fear with the Wingster, you fear any of them because he has taken the time to really get to understand and know every position.  I take so much away from rolling with him in regards to positional dominance, and yesterday he taught me a VERY valuable lesson that my mother has been trying to impart on me for damn near 35 years... PATIENCE!

He later complimented me on my pressure saying he had to wait it out until I made a move, but in the end he is being too nice... Wingy was in control of the matches tempo from the get go and was well aware of the time and what was needed.  I was so fucking happy just to be on top and "controlling" him that I got stupid(er) and made a mistake.  He capitalized and swept!   We rolled a couple more times and frankly they were probably some of the smoothest rolls I have ever been a part of.  Very fluid, smooth, positional, yet hard as hell as Chickenwing always pushes me.

And may I say well done Chickenwing on raising Little Wing to respect the mats properly and behave well!  She is lucky to have a dad as caring and loving as you.

Sorry for the Zen rant (some good stuff in the air lately;), but I just wanted to share an awesome moment I had on the mat and say thanks to three of the best partners I can ask for.  I have been doing this shit for 20 years and I know what to look for in a solid coach, and top notch partners.  Yesterday was the perfect culmination of both!

Hands folded in respect.

Cheers brothers!

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