August 12, 2011

"Basic 12 Curriculum" vol. 3 DVD Release

The third (of three) volume of Brian Johnson's "Basic 12 Curriculum" has finally dropped and is available for purchase.  Wrapping up the final four lessons on Guard Attacks / Top Attacks / Takedowns / Open Guard Brian and producer Mark Mestel have created what is arguably (and quite biased coming from me) the essential DVD series for the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

You see most instructional's focus on showing a bevy of techniques, or high flying - low percentage submissions, sweeps etc.   Few, if any, actually lay out a teaching curriculum and lesson plan.  Enter the protege of John Will (known in most circles as "The coaches, coach."), Brian Johnson and his curriculum that has been refined at the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy over the past 10 years.  Taught on a constantly rotating basis the Basic 12 Curriculum gives the beginner a complete overview of the various positions, strategies, and tactics of BJJ.  These lessons are not meant to be cache's of techniques, but rather to allow the beginner to absorb a handful of variable situations he or she will find themselves in during sparring.

Ideal DVD's for those who are new to teaching BJJ, or new to BJJ as a practitioner the Basic 12 series demonstrates each lesson from multiple angles, then also shows how Brian operates his basic classes showing drills, drill formats, and live sparring.  Specific techniques are also highlighted from actual competition footage of Brian's multiple wins and titles including 09 No Gi World Champ / 2010 US Open Absolute Champ / 09 NAGA No Gi Champ / 3x Grapplers Quest Black Belt Champion / 09 ADCC Regional Champ in Lightweight & Open classes!  I love when instructors include footage of a certain technique or sweep being actually applied in live situations!

These DVD's are invaluable references for all students of NWJJA!

Production wise you could not ask for more... easy to navigate menu's.  You can shoot right to a certain lesson and work it with a partner in your dojo or living room.  The sound quality is crystal clear as is the instruction and picture quality.

Individual DVD's can be purchased for $40, or the entire set for $110.

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Look for future titles coming soon!

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