August 7, 2011

Sensei Keiko Fukuda - 10th Dan Judo

What an amazing story (much thanks to Bonzai for turning me onto this)... Jigoro Kano's (the founder of Judo) only living student Sensei Keiko Fukuda was promoted to 10th dan (degree) black belt recently.  98 years young Fukuda still teaches in San Francisco, CA. each week!

Kano has stated that the women he taught understood the true essence of Judo, that they encapsulated the principles and ideas of Judo better then any.  I would have to believe he was speaking of Fukuda!

I wanted to offer my congrats and respect to Sensei Fukuda who is a living legend in the beautiful art of Judo.  I hope to still be training and teaching at 98!!

To read the entire article click here!



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