August 4, 2011

Shortsighted America and Africa's Cries For Help!

As with many out there I am really, REALLY, tired of the bullshit squabbling our politicians are doing.  I say time to throw them all to the lion's and start afresh!  But since most of "civilized" society does not see things my way....

Living in the biggest / most powerful nation harbor's all sorts of great benefits, but one of the worst side effects of the drug known as USA is our inability to see beyond our greedy noses planted on our face.

While we argue about how many trillions we put ourselves into debt with, this is what the people of Somalia are dealing with...

Click here to read all of Georgette's post which includes link to aid and photographs that will break your heart.

It is easy to get whisked away with all the petty bullshit Fox and CNN feed us everyday, but in reality they are not "reporting" jack shit about anything that is REALLY important.  Aid workers in Somalia are saying this is the worst famine in decades, and the warlords are in more control then back in 92.  Children are dying at such a rate that they are simply covering them in unmarked graves to ensure disease does not spread faster!

Remember the above image (their are much more intense ones that I could not copy over hear) the next time you are bitching about what you don't have!  I admit it is a pain in the ass paying almost $4 a gallon for gas for me to jump into my car and drive to the store to buy the overpriced steak, the ridiculously priced asparagus, and my $10 12 pack of beer.  Imagine how much of a pain it would be to walk miles and miles in hopes of getting just a gallon of water, only to have your dreams crushed by a warlord controlling the water for the farmers he controls!

Wake up America and knock off your arrogant bullshit ways!

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