September 5, 2011

Enson Inoue - Modern Day Samurai (The Yamato Damashii Diaries)

Yamato Damashii "Spirit of the Samurai" is the code in which Enson Inoue (one of my all time favorite MMA fighters, now retired) lives by.  I am not talking some cliche, BS tag line he tows in his wake!  Enson is the real deal.  You see we often get distracted by the bright lights of the martial arts and fighting, but at the core of what we spend countless hours training is a primal instinct to protect and take care of those who cannot do it for themselves.  A true warrior, Samurai if you will, is not just a tactician of violence, but he is is also a healer, a builder, a caregiver, a laborer no different then the common farmer.

In the wake of Japan's terrible earthquake, mega tsunami, nuclear crisis, and 200+ aftershocks there still is little hope for those struck in Northern Japan.  Enson has dedicated his entire being to helping out those in need, and has recently travelled into the hot zone to offer this stunning video.  I admit it... I lost my shit when I realized he was buying tons of shoes for little ones!  You must watch this 15 minute video clip:

Enson has liquidated damn near everything he owns in this venture to raise money for the people in need in Japan.  Enson is currently making and selling "Yamato Damashii" bracelets and necklaces like this one:

Custom orders can be made as well.  I plan on getting one once a few extra greenbacks come my way.  Here is a break down of what the various colors / stones mean:

Meaning of Colors
action,confidence, courage, vitality
(Also has negative: anger, temper)

love, beauty, caring,self-worth

earth, order, convention, naturalness, dependability
( Also has negative: lazy, repressed

vitality with endurance

wealth, prosperity, wisdom,

joy, happiness, intellectual, Energy

life, nature,fertility, well-being,
Money, self-respect

youth, spirituality, truth, peace

Dark blue:
truth and moderation,
Confidence, strength


Royalty, magic, mystery,

intuition, meditation,
Deep contemplation
( Also has negative: when use
During depressed state)

purity, cleanliness

death, earth, stability, self-control
(Also has negative: death)

sorrow, security, maturity, dependability

Meaning of Stones

Clear: Crystal Quartz
A healing stone. Amplifies energy in the other stones and increases your emotional energy.
Key words: clarity of though, healing, memory meditation

Black: Onyx
The stone of self mastery and self control. Banishes negative energy and is a stone of protection.
Keywords: vigor, strength, stamina, durability, courage, self-control, and power.

Pink: Rose Quartz
It comforts and heals wounds the heart. It helps the hearts ability to give and receive love.
Keywords: love, tender, gentle, peaceful, kindness, tender, peaceful, forgiveness, and tolerance.

Purple: Amethyst
Amethyst is a stone of the mind. It helps to bring calmness and clarity where there is anxiety and confusion. It is very good for overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed metal states because of it extreme calming mental effects.
Keywords: forgiveness, mercy, tolerance, peace, stability, and serenity

Red: Jasper
The stone of protection and healing. Helps courage and personal independence.
keywords: loyalty, inner strength, independence,
Jasper helps gather up strength for the battle ahead.

Click here to jump to the Destiny Forever web page to order your bracelet today!  All purchases go towards Enson's relief efforts.

Here is the full interview by Daniel Herbertson, again a must read!

Enson is one of my hero's.  Period.  A huge animal lover.  A fighter with the biggest heart.  And a guy you just really want to sit down and drink a cold one, light a fat one, and shoot the shit with for an afternoon.  His work for the Japanese people is inspiring and encouraging.  A lesson for all of us here.