September 11, 2011

"The More You Compete, the Better You’re Going to Be." - An Interview with Rigan Machado

Johnny Fu as a white belt!  
I am on a roll with interviews this morning... every time Rigan Machado speaks I tend to listen!  I have had the fortune to train with Rigan as well as hang out with him on numerous occasions (he visit's us in Seattle yearly, and I usually visit him at least once a year in LA) and the guy simply exudes love for the art of BJJ!  His knowledge base of the history, technical aspects etc. are second to none, and it is exactly this combo of passion, knowledge, and modesty that has led fighters like BJ Penn to say: "Undoubtedly Rigan Machado is one of the greatest grapplers ever to live."

Arcanumbjj is a new blog to the sphere and he offered up a great interview with Rigan during a recent visit.

To read the entire interview click here!

So that leads me to my next question: what makes a good jiu-jitsu coach?
Rigan Machado
As a jiu-jitsu coach I remember one time I have a lesson from Rolls Gracie with Carlos Gracie. I was an assistant coach like in the process of learning how to teach and he got for me to teach a guy who I believe was the worse student. I see some of the other trainers got students who is already great athletes, who learn it real fast and I was a kind of upset. I come to my coaches to ask, why you gave me the worse student for me to try and make this guy a champion? The answer was the answer I use in my philosophy today. He came to me and said there is no such thing as a bad student, just a bad coach. The reason I gave you this student because it’s a bigger challenge for you. You are going to have to think, you have to figure out ways to make this guy better than the other guys who are already better athletes. That’s why I put the worse student in your hands; because that’s going to challenge you to develop your abilities to become a better coach to everybody else.

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