September 7, 2011

Rolled Up Epsiode 27: The Never-Ending Path of a Martial Artist with Tim Cartmell

Rolled Up Episode 27: The Never-Ending Path of a Martial Artist with Tim Cartmell

For those of you unaware, Budo Jake just featured my friend and coach Tim Cartmell in the 27th Episode of his web series "Rolled Up." Featuring interviews, lessons, and insight from the creme de la creme of grappling, Jake has shared access with some of the arts top competitors, teachers, and representatives.

Tim has a very unique history and take on the martial arts of today and shares his thoughts on training in China, the value of the traditional arts, the point of training, competition and its role in the martial arts journey, and also shares some wicked side mount attacks!

Here is what Jake had to say in his blog about the interview with Tim:

I’ve known Tim for a few years now as he used to have a school just down the street from our office. There were a few things about him that impressed me. First, his humble manner. Second, his smooth technique. Third, the unique approach he has to his teaching. The warm ups for every class (that I went to) were totally different and they usually related to what the lesson of the class was. It was funny because he’s 50 years old and a lot of the 20 somethings were huffing and puffing as Tim carried on calmly through his routine.
We kept things local for this one as I took Tim over to my favorite park that’s near my house. There’s a beautiful nature walk that made a nice backdrop for the interview. I threw a lot of questions at Tim and he answered everything so clearly and succinctly. In case you’re wondering, I don’t rehearse the questions with the guys beforehand. I think Tim gave perhaps the most insightful responses on Rolled Up thus far.
After the park we went back to his school – Ace Jiu-jitsu where he taught some nice side control attacks before rolling me up. If you’re ever in Fountain Valley check him out at

To gain more insight into Tim's methods and madness check out his books "Passing The Guard" "Effortless Combat Throws" as well as his Ground Proofing and Standing Grappling DVD's at
Tim will also be in Portland, OR. doing a seminar series the weekend of September 24th.  Email me for more information: