September 29, 2011

Tim Cartmell Seminar a Success / Blue Belt Eval as Well!

Michael Selin, owner and head instructor at the School of Budo hosted our teacher Tim Cartmell over this past weekend.  Two days of seminars followed by a blue belt eval for a handful of Michael's BJJ students on Sunday encapsulated a great series of lessons and time with Tim.  Unfortunately yours truly has been quite under the weather this past week (thanks David!!!) so I was of little use at the seminar, but every now and then it is well worth it to sit back and just observe and listen to your teacher.

The majority of the material I was familiar with, but as always Tim's succinct approach and overwhelming enthusiasm offer little details that are invaluable to a technique's success.  The majority of the weekend was spent on Tim's Shen Wu curriculum, which in a nutshell is essentially an MMA approach with self defense in mind, though this material is easily morphed into a sport MMA realm.  That is the beauty of Tim's teachings... diversity in application, simplicity in training.  With moderate changes a competitive grappler will gain the same skill sets as a middle aged women trying to learn some basic self defense.

It was good to see Tim and catch up with Kit, Michael and their great crew in Portland.  I am very happy to see others reaping the rewards of such a sharing and kind teacher as Tim!  I hope the local and my personal economy improve in the near future so I can bring him back to Sea Town soon.

A huge congrats to Jason Masterson, Erik "The Erik" Rosekrans, Michael Porter, and Chad Williams on passing their blue belt evaluation under Tim.  Tim's eval is hands down THE toughest test out there in regards to BJJ / blue belt progression.  Chad is one of a handful to ever score 100%!

Blue belt is a big step up in your training and will present lots of new challenges and victories.  I wish you all the best on your continued journey and I thank you for your blood, sweat, and tears we have shared on the mat.  It is an honor.

Jake B.

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