October 11, 2011

Dan Gable and Wrestling Roots

It is always amusing and baffling at the same time, when growing up in the Midwest one assumes that certain things are common knowledge.  For instance:

  • Steak and corn are actually two separate parts of the food pyramid
  • Yes football is that big of a deal!
  • Everyone knows the largest rivalry in college sports is Ohio State vs. Michigan
  • Yes football is that big of a deal!
  • Dan Gable is the greatest NCAA player AND coach to grace this planet!
I am sure there are a few of you youngsters who hail from the west coast whom have never heard the name Dan Gable uttered with such praise, and tonight is the perfect night to tune into the Big Ten Network for a 1/2 hour special on Dan Gable (5pm PST).

THE most prolific athlete to ever come out of the NCAA, and arguably the world, Competitor Gable's accolades:
- 3x State Champ
- 3x Big Eight Champ (Iowa St)
- 3x All American
- 182-1 prep and college record
- 1971 World Champ
- 1972 Olympic Gold (did not get a point scored on him the entire games)

Oh, and did I mention he also did a bit o' coaching:
- 15 NCAA titles with Iowa (9 of which were consecutive)
- 21 Big Ten Team Titles
- Coached 45 national champs / 152 all Americans / 106 Big Ten Champs
- 7 perfect seasons (1997 he holds the NCAA team points record with 170!!!)

In a nutshell Gable is the most amazing athlete and coach to grace the NCAA.  A great new blog (to me) Wrestling Roots gave us this sneak peak:

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