October 18, 2011

Kickboxing Class Profile - Three Harmonies Martial Arts Seattle

The "theme," if you will, in my Kickboxing class the past couple of weeks has been flow and reaction.  Integrating defensive covering, slipping, and fading with strikes and counter strikes has shown a marked improvement in defense.

Stressing the basics (hands up, elbows tight, chin tucked, eyes forward) I have used what my boxing coach, Wes Foster, taught me and integrated it into kickboxing.  Based off of Roger Mayweather's mitt work these drills stress a tight guard and immediate reactions all the while using the five basic punches of boxing.  Check out this clip on Roger working with a young girl:

Starting with just focus mitts and punches we slowly worked drills such as this:
- Mitt Holder (MH) right cross
- Puncher (P) covers with left, counters with cross-hook-cross

We continue to build with other strikes and responses eventually adding in round kicks, elbows, and knees!  At Three Harmonies the emphasis is more on self defense in all my classes, so most of our kicks are to the legs and even then I focus much more on handwork, clinch work, and working within clinch range (knees / elbows / head butts etc.).

Class to class we continue to build on the drills defending against body hooks, jabs, round kicks etc.  My goal is not only to help my students get proficient at the offensive aspect, but also to get a solid defensive game.  This is facilitated by proper mitt work where the mitt holder learns to "see" the angle of the strikes they are catching, thus improving their hand-eye coordination and the ability to anticipate strikes and angles.

We train hard and have a lot of fun learning basic self defense and getting in shape.  If this type of training sounds like something you would like to try out, stop by and visit us at the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy 942 N 95th St. Seattle, WA.

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

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