November 13, 2011

NWJJA at the Revolution

The NW Jiu Jitsu Academy was well represented at the November edition of the Revolution Tournament with eight members showing up to fight.  Everyone fought hard and did very well.  The few we lost were so damned close it was not even funny!

Motorbike Matt fought a couple of hard fights in a big bracket along side Josh.  Both fought well and strategically, unfortunately their opponents capitalized on one single ounce of pressure that is taken off.

Taho "Big Walker" Kakutani fought a couple of hard matches that were once again very close.

Scrappy Phil came out strong in his first match against a wiry purple belt.  Phil did well working to pass the guard but his opponent caught him in a tight kimura getting the tap.

Randy the Baconater fought extremely well getting a wrap choke Brian just taught us last week (somebody stop this guy!), and losing a nail-biter by points.  Not to bitch but Bacon passed dudes guard and was in side control and the ref was not counting fast AT ALL!  Those points would have won the match.  Not sayin', just sayin'.

Brett "Dutchess" Smith continues his no gi reign and is showing huge improvements in his gi game to boot.  I am glad to hear he will be sticking around NWJJA for a while longer!  Great addition to the dojo!
Dutchess, the Cool Aid Kid, and Scrappy
Hats off to Connor "The Cool Aid Kid" Faust for doing awesome in his first grappling tournament!  Kid has been training his ass off and came in to fight a tough, tough fight against one of Foster's new white belts after scaring off an opponent or two!  This was a huge step for you Connor.  Analyze the fight and we will all help you work out the kinks, but all in all you did awesome and listened to your coaches!

Thanks to Mike "Chicken Wing" Leary for showing up to help coach with Brian being out of town.

Yours truly did okay.  I got a bye in my small bracket for the first round, then went on to go 1-1 in the double elimination format.  I will analyze more after reviewing the tapes and letting shit sink it.  My first fight I felt really solid and it showed as I dominated one of Marcelo's purple belts (James I think) keeping him from scoring a single point on me in the 7 minute match.  I am a bit frustrated that I could not finish him, but I am happy with the win overall.

Rocking the OTM RSC 420 Gi!
My second match was very frustrating as my stocky opponent, Jack, from Eugene, OR. ended up passing my guard in the last couple of minutes and I could not escape his side control.  I really need to work hard at not allowing big guys to pass my guard.

Overall I am happy with everything I saw at the Revolution, and very proud of all the NWJJA fighters.  I appreciate your positive feedback and patience in my attempts to help coach.  I am new to coaching BJJ so I hope I helped more then I hurt.  Any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!


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