December 18, 2011

Grapplers Gift Guide: NWJJA Edition

Countdown is on for those of you who decide to participate in the bedlam known as the Holidays.  Chanukah starts Tuesday.  Little Baby Jesus Day is in less then 7 days, and Kwanzaa starts the following day.  So for those of you still undecided about what to buy that grappler in your life who has it all here I offer a few ideas that will please even the most stubborn of cauliflower eared wrestlers, and all of these gift ideas are supporting your local community and business people!

You can click here to be directed to the NWJJA store link.  Or to order the groundbreaking DVD series you can link to the Amazon page by clicking here!  Or you can contact me directly to place an order as well: / 206-941-3232

Brian's "Basic 12 - BJJ Curriculum" is one of the finest programs put on DVD and all three volumes are available!  $40 each, or you can order the set at $100.
    Here is what some folks are saying:

"Brian did a great job of presenting the material where anyone could understand it. With the many examples he gives of each technique how can you go wrong?    Gabe and I started with vol. 1 and can now successfully do the top control and work our way around the body as the dvd instructs. It really is like being in a class with Brian. This week we're going into the arm bar from the mount to back. The detail that Brian gives and the how and whys are priceless for this humble beginner. Also absolutely LOVE the rear naked choke. Not to mention the work out from doing these techniques using mild resistance."  - Mike G. 

  • NWJJA T-Shirts are also available in limited sizes: $20
  • NWJJA Rash Guards: $40
  • NWJJA Back Pack $40
  • NWJJA Patches (LG) $12 / (SM) $8
 Nothing beats lesson's when you are a martial artist, and one on one training is essential for the  advancement and progression of students.  Private training allows the instructor to focus on one person and their specific needs for an hour.   A pack of lessons make for great stocking stuffers: Private Lessons with Brian Johnson can be arranged through me as well and are $75/hour.

  Or perhaps you are looking to get in shape for the New Year, in which case come on down and sign up for lessons!   BJJ is a fun way to get into shape, learn self defense and now you can join the circuit training at NWJJA as well!  Tuition starts at $110 / month.  

  Skip the ties and socks this year and give your grappling loved one what he or she REALLY wants; some Jits!  

   Remember to slow down and appreciate what you have. 

   Have a safe and happy holiday folks!


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