December 26, 2011

Great Training Today!

While the majority of you were laying on the couch recouping, a handful of dedicated grapplers had some great training today!  Wanted to send a big thanks to the four who actually read this blog; Karliss the Latvian Destroyer / Motorcycle Matt / The Baconater / and Kelland  "The Rape Dummy" (BTW for once I had nothing to do with that nickname!).  Great training partners and a solid workout the day after mucho gluttony and self abuse!

I thought I would leave you with some solid quotes I recently found in the Nov-Dec. issue of Europe's awesome new Jits rag, "Jiu Jitsu Style."    JJS is hard to find on the newsstands over here (seen it once or twice at the downtown B&N, but nothing consistent), so I suggest subscribing to their electronic version (available on i Phones and pads).  It is not only cheaper, but you get the mag immediately, and it is packed full of interesting interviews, techniques, and product reviews.  Their interviewers actually ask some interesting and engaging questions (for instance this issue has Fabio Gurgel talking about the ugly break-up of the original Alliance troop in 2001).

JJS is a step up from the similar Jiu Jitsu Magazine found stateside, with both of them blowing Gracie magazine out of the water (Gracie has become a mere shell of its former self, which was never that great!).

Anyways... some interesting meditation material here.  Enjoy!

Fabio Gurgel on Alliance's success through the years at major competitions:

"When we went to competition Jacare never put any pressure on us, it was always fun.  He taught me how to enjoy the moment of the fight, not before or after, but when you are on the mat.... we just learned how to enjoy the competition.   I think this lesson is what gave me success in the competitions and is the backbone of Alliance's success at the moment."

"You cannot build a successful team if you are only looking at your top students... The basics need to be very solid."

Asked if one needs to compete to teach:

"Of course, you must know the feeling of competition, this is important.  If you compete you may not be the best competitor, but you know the feeling and can help your students to prepare."  

Nicolai Holt on competition:

"If you want to test your BJJ, you have to do it in competition."

Nicolai Holt on the sport vs. self defense debate:

"I do not perceive a debate.  If you train sport jiu jitsu, you will be better able to handle a self defense situation."

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