December 21, 2011

A Martial Artists Gift Guide: Tim Cartmell Edition

Alright you procrastinators, here is your last chance to make Merry that fool in your life who gets enjoyment out of punching others in the head, getting round kicked in the thigh, and knows how to deal with skin diseases you never knew existed!

I have trained under Tim Cartmell for over the past decade.  Mostly in the stand up arts, but as I have dedicated my life to BJJ Tim has been instrumental in my grappling game.  Below are a number of gift ideas that are sure to please the most finicky of fighters, as Tim's info is top notch!

Granted all opinions on this blog are biased because they are my opinions, but I really don't think anyone can argue that the one pivotal book EVERY martial artist needs to have actively resting on their bookshelf is "Effortless Combat Throws" though it looks like it is currently out of print.  Regardless of experience or background, this text is the quintessential book on throws and takedowns as it is principle based, not stylistically based.   The DVD of the same title is excellent as well!

"Standing Grappling: Escapes & Counters" is another essential stocking stuffer.  Again, not sportive in it's approach Tim offers escapes and counters for a variety of common holds and pins one potentially could run into in a self defense situation.  Based on leverage and technique, size and strength are not needed for these easy to learn techniques.  PERFECT for women training for self defense!  Click here and go to the bottom of the page to order your "Escapes and Counters" DVD!

Following in the footsteps of "Standing Grappling," Tim put his "Ground Proofing" curriculum on disc.  Geared towards practitioners and teachers who do not have any ground fighting in their school curriculum.  Again not sportive based Tim and his Shen Wu crew teach how to safely fall down, protect yourself on the ground, escape common holds and pins, attain the dominant position, and safely rise to your feet!  If you are training in a system / style that has no training on the ground then this disc is a MUST HAVE!


Wrapping up the grappling aspect of Tim's work is THE book on guard passing, aptly titled "Passing the Guard" Tim and co-author Ed Benneville share the secrets to effectively pass the guard (arguably one of the most difficult tasks ALL grapplers need to deal with!).  Packed full of techniques, this text delves into the strategy and tactics as well in order to make a more complete game for the reader.  I also love the 2nd edition incorporation of solo drills and added techniques!  Again THE essential book on the subject of guard passing.

From here we delve into the more specialized works of Tim Cartmell, namely translations and DVD's of the classic Chinese martial arts.

Tim has translated, and co-authored some great titles including:

  • "Xing Yi Nei Gong" co-authored with Dan Miller, this text offers great insight into the ancient art of Xing Yi Quan including important translations and basic theories.  Again this title has been OOP and hard to find, accompanied by exuberant prices when it is found.  I suggest ebay as a source for any hard to find books.  A DVD was also produced of "Xing Yi Nei Gong."
  • "The Method of Chinese Wrestling" is a great translation of Tong Zhongyi's classic on the Chinese wrestling art of Shuai Chiao.  Very little quality work is available in english on Shuai Chiao, and this translation is a great addition.
  • "A Study of Taijiquan" by Sun Lu Tang was one of the first books ever written on Taijiquan, making it historically a very important text.  Expert translator Tim Cartmell offers his translation of the art he studied under Sun Jian Yun (Sun Lu Tang's daughter).  Tim is one of the foremost experts in the United States on Sun Taijiquan.  
  • "Chin Na Fa" by Jinsheng Liu, was a fun project Tim embarked on as he felt this text offered some insight into grappling applied in self defense situations from a traditional Chinese martial point of view.  
  • "Practical Chin Na" by Zhao Da Yuan is again, arguably THE text on joint manipulation (again from a Chinese based stand point, obviously not applicable to ground grappling today).  And yet once again I write with bad tidings... hard to find, as are the DVD's that were made in conjunction!  Click on the title link and Amazon will redirect you to some used sellers.  

Tim's latest project involved a comprehensive overview of the Sun Taijiquan system that was encapsulated in a text book and DVD set that has set new standards in terms of production quality and detailed information.  "Traditional Sun Style Taijiquan" co-written with Troyce Thome, covers the entire Sun Taijiquan curriculum minus combative techniques.  Posture testing, footwork, proper alignment, and the entire traditional form are taught in a succinct manner.  This text offers details on Taijiquan that any practitioner can benefit from, not just Sun players.  

And I must mention that the second chapter on the history of Taijiquan is probably the most eloquently written piece I have ever seen.  ;)

To go hand in hand with the oversized text Tim also produced a 5 DVD set that students can learn the entire Sun Taijiquan system from.  Techniques are demonstrated but a more thorough disc is upcoming regarding applications.  Sold individually at $40, or as a set for $150 click here to order!

One way or another I think you can find something of interest on this list.  If you are in the So Cal area stop by Ace Jiu Jitsu and train with Tim in person!  His lessons will take your skills to the next level.

Merry Holidays,

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