December 13, 2011

Seminar Fail!

I would love to be sitting down writing out a report of the Jacare' seminar I attended over the weekend, but unfortunately it was cancelled.   Apparently the host, John "Salami" was stricken quite ill, and I sincerely hope he gets much better!  Rumor is they will be re-scheduling Jacare' ASAP after the first of the year.

If I may offer a suggestion as someone who has hosted seminars, workshops, and the like for the past 12 years: always get the personal information of those attending the seminar (phone # / email), and have a list that can be accessible to a partner or responsible student.  That way when folks are coming in from 150 miles away you can contact them ASAP and let them know seminars are cancelled!  Facebook is NOT a message delivery system!

So I hope to offer a review sometime early next year as I am still very stoked to have an Alliance affiliate so close.  I also found out the same group plans on hosting Eddie Bravo, and Sambo expert Igor Yakimov! Promising training opportunities coming up!


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