December 9, 2011

United Grappling Federation 2012

A new kid has popped up on the grappling tournament block, the United Grappling Federation claims to be  "The premier western state grappling tournament provider."  I look forward to some fresh blood in the area and hopefully I can make both the Washington, and Oregon state championships.  The format sounds VERY similar to Grappling X, which made an appearance this past summer in Oregon.  Overall it was a decent tournament, but suffered from the same ailments most local and regional ones do; slow starts, dead mat time, questionable refereeing, etc.  Lets see if UGF can step up and take the reins!

I am not sure who is behind the organization but here is there preamble if you will:

After competing in dozens of tournaments and speaking with many other competitors and spectators alike, we decided to form our own organization to provide what competitors and spectators wanted most: high quality tournaments that run on time, experienced referees, top of the line medals, event specific t-shirts and much more. The United Grappling Federation was founded in 2010 with the sole purpose to become the premier provider for Submission Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments across the Western United States.

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