January 21, 2012

The 206 Represents at Sub League Open

A huge congrats to all the NWJJA fighters who traveled down to Oregon to fight in the first Sub League Open of 2012!  From what I have heard you all fought your asses off and did very, very well.  The official, unofficial stats are as follows:

  • Bret 'Dutchess' Smith / Silver (no gi) 
  • Scotty Stillwell / Bronze (gi) & Gold (no gi)
  • Chris 'Spider' Webb /  Silver (no gi)
  Word on the street is Mr. Joshua is bringing his So Cal leg attack game tearing up knee's!  Nicely done Mr. Joshua!  Nicely done!  

Cheers brothers!  Proud of all of you.  Enjoy the victory tonight!  

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