January 25, 2012

John Machado

John Machado, far right.
John Machado is the youngest of the five Machado brothers, and has been putting up some great tutorial's on Youtube as of late.  I have had the privilege of training with John on a couple of different occasion's and I must say he is a very articulate and detailed teacher (really staple trademarks of all the Machado brothers), and offers very innovative and interesting perspectives on various positions such as attacking the turtle position.

  So when you get a few minutes check out these video tutorials from 6th degree black belt John Machado and make sure to check out his website as well! 


With brother Rigan:

Lockdown escape:

Great details on Kouchi gari:

At his new Torrance location:

This next clip epitomizes the Machado attitude and approach to the art of BJJ, as a family!  GREAT clip of John, brother Jean Jacques, Renato Magno, and Johns son Jean training on a Sunday afternoon in the family living room mat.  PRICELESS footage:

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