January 7, 2012

Journal of Chinese Martial Arts

It has been over a decade since Nick Scrima's landmark publication, "Journal of Chinese Martial Arts"  (prior to that it was also known as the "Wu Gong Journal") folded.  With a fresh start and a new year I am happy to see that the Journal has made a comeback in a eco friendly digital edition, or more expensive hard copy subscription.

  Scrima hopes to offer a comprehensive approach to the Chinese arts, and with the varied instructors and subject matter it seems he has hit his mark:

  • Wang Rengang's student Zhenshen Wang offers an article on the fundamentals of Hao Jia Taiji Meihua Tanglangquan (Hao Family Grand Ultimate Plum Blossom Mantis)
  • Alex Kwok offers the "24 Martial Standards"
  • Origins and history of Wuzuquan
  • A very interesting interview with Liu Xiaoling (renowned teacher of Bagua / Taiji / Xing Yi)
  • Jason Tsou offers some deeper training with his article on developing the sixth sense
  • Nick Masi offers a great piece on Shuai Chiao's tearing practice
  Crisp, clear, color pictures adorn the digital version.  I had no problem logging in and the magazine loaded uber fast (I do have a high speed connection).  A full 56 pages of articles, including media reviews, and almost no advertising at all make this a steal of a deal!  

The Journal of Chinese Martial Arts looks to be a promising addition to the martial arts mass media blitz that has been dominated by MMA magazines offering terrible writing and insight.  The Chinese arts have certainly been experiencing poor representation, with Inside Kung Fu tanking last year, and overall interest waning.  I am happy to see Nick Scrima and his crew stepping up and offering something of a bit more substance and style.  

Please subscribe (click here) and support such a worthy venture.   Plus you never know who you might see writing in future editions;)


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