January 9, 2012

Wheelchair Bound Jiu Jitsu Stylist Foils Robbery

He may not have use of his legs, but this Canadian cat has balls bigger then most Americans!  Seeing a young lady getting robbed in the local convenience store, this gentlemen grabs the assailant and attempts to choke him with a rear naked choke.  Unfortunately he obviously cannot control the assailants hips with his legs, so he slips out.  Thankfully the women that works the store has bigger balls then the other THREE MEN standing around (though spanking with a wet floor sign is hard core thug jitsu shit!

Mad props for homie stepping up, and mad shame for the other three idiots who could not get their thumbs out of their asses to help!

Yet another reason to go train Jits!  What's your excuse today??

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