March 21, 2012

Arnold's Grappling Championship 2012 - Purple Belt Heavyweight Division

Sorry for being behind on posting these vid's... no excuses, been busy training my but off.  Here are the vid's from the Arnold Grappling Championship March 3, 2012.  I fought the young guns in the heavyweight purple belt division.  Great competitors one and all.  Before we get started I wanted to thank my sponsor 1914 Kimono's for helping me get to the Arnolds!  Great gi's, great guys, great jits!  Look for the website launch in the next week!

This first fight is against Gerardo Gallegos fighting with a Jorge Gurgel affiliate out of Lexington, KY.  G has a 4-3 pro mma record, and do not let the white belt fool you... homeboy is a legit purple belt, but all of his clothing and i-pad were stolen out of his car downtown (shame on you Columbus) the previous night so he had to borrow a buddies gi and white belt!

Gerardo is INSANELY strong and it is painfully evident I need to work my takedown game.  At the very least I need to pull guard better.  I have been working kimura's a bit in all positions, not just the submission but also the control that accompanies the grip.  In the dojo I have had quite a bit of success with it and one of my goals in this tournament was to work that game aggressively, and you see me do that while he was working to pass my half guard.  One counter to the kimura is to grab your own hand and counter-kimura me as I am attempting to kimura you (kinda' like a Dr. Suess book eh!?).  Thanks to awesome training partners like the Baconator I am aware of this and anticipate it.  What I did not anticipate was the roll right into his very own kimura out of my limb arm escape.  Even G said:
"You went all limp biscuit on me, so I rolled it just like we do with gloves on in MMA."

I fight it a bit, but in the end he has tight and had the position.  Solid submission and a really nice cat!  Gerardo went on to take silver.

My second match is the kicker!  WOW did I learn a ton here.  First of all props to Robert Curtis who I caught up with after we fought.  Just got promoted about 4 weeks prior.  His first big tournament, and the dude fought his ass off!  We got complimented by several people saying we had the most exciting back and forth match of the day.  This was for bronze at the Arnold's 2012.

Where do I start with what I learned here....

  • Again I need a decisive, aggressive take down / guard pull plan
  • Overall I am pretty happy with my guard game, though I need to control better
  • Patience.  Patience.  Patience.  Something I feel I will most likely work on for the rest of my life!
  • I need to improve my half guard sweep game
  • The Ballard Bridge Sweep's first tournament appearance
  • I need better control after gaining dominant positions (demonstrated this past weekend as well)
  • My wife has a potty mouth when she is anxious LOL!  
  I cringe to think what Brian (my coach) says when he sees this, but I have no regrets trying to pass his half guard with under a minute left.  I want to stay active, not be a staller.  Staying active and trying to pass his guard did not fail me... me not controlling him as I worked my pass failed me.  All in all I should not have ever been ahead as I did not maintain the mount long enough to get points in my opinion.  That said, I had a blast fighting you guys and truly cherish the learning opportunity.  Great character and competitiveness by all fighters!

Sporting the brand new 1914 pearl weave.
One of the most comfortable gi's I own!

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