March 9, 2012

Bad Boy Capo II - Fight Short Review

If you have ever seen any early (pre-pop fame 2000) UFC, Shooto, or Vale Tudo then you need no introduction to Bad Boy Fight apparel, as they were one of the pioneer fight gear companies in MMA and submission grappling.  The San Diego based company has been a staple in both the fight scene as well as the surfing scene for a reason... simple quality.

   When Aaron over at MMA Opinion  sent me the latest Bad Boy fight shorts, the Capo II, I was stoked to check them out as this would be my first taste of Bad Boy's fight gear.  I told Aaron I wear a 38 and in all honesty I should have said 36 and they would have fit a bit better I think, but no worries as I prefer my shorts baggy and open.  Just keep this in mind with the pics!

   Featuring a two way stretch 100% polyester fabric with triple stitched seams, the Capo II is extremely light weight (a factor when you have to weigh in wearing your uniform) and breathable.  I have worn these both in no gi grappling as well as practicing kickboxing and stand up.  When kicking they never get caught up nor bunch.  Some grapplers do not like having thigh slits in their fight shorts as they feel appendages too often get caught.  This has not been my experience, but I can see the concern.  I prefer less hindrance when playing an open guard, or closed for that matter, so these shorts are perfect in that regard.  The split seams are triangle reinforced and seem strong after my initial abuse.
   They advertise "near-zero weight" on Bad Boy's site, and it is true... tipping the kitchen scale at 255 grams!  Super light and yet the waist band is very comfortable.  Available in black, tan, or white the Capo II design is clean with the classic Bad Boy "eyes" accompanied with 'Bad Boy' brand along the waist and down the left leg along with "Pro Series."  Made in Taiwan, the Capo II is retailing at MMA Opinion for $56.99 order yours today by clicking here!  (Wholesalers please contact Zengu for more information)

NWJJA Represent!  
   Overall I like the comfortable fit along with the toughness of the product.  Bad Boy keeps it simple and clean and I appreciate that.  In a world full of MMA apparel with snarling pit bulls, skulls, and daggers it is nice to see a simple approach to a warriors art.  Bad Boy has combined all the positives that are needed in a fight short and has let their end product speak for itself.  I think if Bad Boy considered lowering their MSRP these shorts would fly off the shelf.  Overall a great short for training MMA, kickboxing, grappling, boxing, or even cross fit.

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

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