March 5, 2012

Congrats NWJJA Competitors

Wanted to take a moment and say congrats to Chris "Spider" Webb, Justin, and Scotty for kicking ass this weekend down in Oregon at the Subleague Qualifer.  In no gi grappling everyone took home a bronze medal, and Spider brought home the double bronze competing in gi as well. 

I can't express how proud I am of all of you.  Your hard work both conditioning and in making it to class day in, day out has paid off in dividends!  I also want to say thanks to each one of you for helping me prepare for my fights this past weekend (more on that later).  You guys are part of my core jits players I look to for a constantly challenging roll and to help me in area's I am weak.  Simply put... without you guys... nothing I accomplish is possible! 

This marks yet another notch that I feel is integral to NW Jiu Jitsu Academy and that is the birth of a fight team.  For the first time in years (day I say ever) we have a growing number of folks who want to compete.  I am SO excited about this as a competition team is exactly what I, and others who compete, need.   I look forward to fighting along side you all in the future.
Chris Webb
Sorry for the low res.
I am going to eat some killer Lebanese food, drink some Founders Breakfast Stout (got some bad news Pac NW... you ain't the king of micro-brews any longer!  Midwest whooping ass in that department!), and hang with my new little nephew.  I will be updating the blog with a review of the Arnolds, a Bad Boy fight shorts review, and other interesting tidbits.  Stay tuned!


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